Need help in running and improving your business?

Most small businesses in the UK don’t start with a business plan but evolve from an idea. At some point, the business will have an issue or the business will reach a stage where its growth slows, there are inefficiencies in the business, they are missing opportunities, there are funding problems etc and the existing owners or managers don’t have the skills to make the changes needed.

It is at these times when the budget may be stretched, the problem may be in one or more business areas or the issue may be time critical making identification and recruiting a full-time employee not applicable.

This is where using a business mentor with lots of business experience across a range of sectors will pay dividends as they are engaged on a contract basis.

This could be in the short or long term or as and when needed. The key benefit is that the business will benefit fully from the engagement.

Harrisons are partnered with the Association of Business Mentors (ABM) and are able to assist businesses ustilise the skills within the Harrisons business as well as those of all of the ABM members across the UK from one contact point.

If you want to discuss how using this service will help yur business, please contact us for a free no obligation conversation

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