Why you should appoint a Non Exec or Interim Director

Most of our clients will be owner managed businesses or ones where a family own and mange various aspects of the business.

At some point the business will grow or have a problem where the owner or the family wont have the skills or independent view to see the way forward.

We can help by being involved as either a formal or informal appointment to bring our skills and experience to the issue be it temporary or longer term and help support the existing management find a solution.

We would also use our network of contacts with more specialist expertise if needed.

Being independent of the current management we will help remove false hurdles or ‘we have always done it this way’ from the process of finding a solution

The business may not have a problem. It could be that the current owners want to realise the value in the business for themselves but need help to best present the business to a future buyer and have help in the sales process.

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