Before contacting us about the above company please read the content below as it may answer your questions about the company, refunds and warranty claims and avoid delays in us responding to your contact
The above company ceased to trade in December 2020 and was placed into administration by Court Order on 11 January 2021
In February 2021, the business and assets were sold to a third party company who have not acquired any liability to fulfil orders or make refunds
This notice follows 2 previous emails to customers sent to customers whose details were given to us by the former directors
As set out in our original emails sent to all of the customer who had placed orders that were not paid for or were due a refund, the company ceased to trade in December 2020, is insolvent and was unable to make any refunds or supply items ordered
That has and will not change
The emails also set out how to obtain a refund if you had paid by credit or debit card the basis of which has been provided again below.
If you paid by credit card, contact the card provider and submit a ‘section 75 claim’ which is subject to monetary and time limits.
This sort of payment is covered by consumer protection legislation giving the card company a legal obligation to refund you for non delivery
Sadly,  Section 75 does not apply for payments made using debit cards.

However, there is another form of protection for debit and pre-paid cards called Chargeback.This allows the card provider to reverse a payment you’ve made, as long as the card provider agrees that your complaint is legitimate.

Chargeback is a scheme devised by Visa, Mastercard and American Express – it is not a legal requirement like Section 75, so you’re not guaranteed to get your money back.

There are no minimum or maximum spend limits for a Chargeback claim, but there’s a time limit – you get 120 days from when you first notice a problem.

You can make a claim directly through the card issuer. You should be prepared to explain the Chargeback rule to bank staff, as many don’t know about it.


Guidance on making credit card and chargeback claims can be found HERE


If the product you received is faulty, you need to contact the manufacturer about any warranty claims as the company is unable to do this​

We are sorry that it is not better news
Ken Marland & Andrew Smith

Joint Administrators