We can help with HMRC problems

HMRC are often used by businesses as a source of funding by not paying over taxes collected on their behalf such as PAYE and VAT, usually because they cant stop ongoing supply of goods like a normal trade supplier.

Doing this can often lead to HMRC being the largest creditor which can cause problems and result in them taking enforcement action.

An early approach to them to take steps to agree repayment will work to you advantage but any offer of repayment needs to be realistic.

We can help you prepare the information that HMRC need to consider a repayment plan and act as an independent third party in negotiations.

Our experience of dealing with HMRC, and understanding some of their processes, will help ensure that their expectations are met and will stop unrealistic offers being put forward that waste time and effort.

Should the offer be outside of what HMRC would usually accept, or there are other creditors threatening action, we can use insolvency legislation to protect the business, or you individually, while a formal repayment plan is prepared for creditors to consider.

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