A recent article by Sarah Davies from Dragons Den set out her 7 tips for small businesses.

Two are hard to implement for the owner manager who spends all of their waking effort trying to move their business forward

  • taking the emotion out of decision making in your business, and
  • realising your limitations

Perhaps the hardest was touched upon in a recent posting on our site here

The hardest is asking for help or advice.

At Harrisons Business Rescue, we have seen 1000’s of small businesses across the whole range of business activities.

We also work with a range of third parties who are experts in their field to find the solution to the problem.

More importantly, we will find a solution that works for you

We will be able to help you

Our first meeting will be free of charge and can be at your business or if you prefer, our offices.  We can also meet anywhere inbetween.

Please contact your local office by phone or email to see how we can help


the full article by Sara Davies can be found   here