Business struggle for all sort of reasons

These can be external such as losing customers, changes in how people shop, increase in competition etc

They can also be internal such as poor management or processes leading to high costs, failing to collect debts due to the business, quality control leading to products being returned etc


Sometimes, the issues can be fatal to the business and it will fail.


Signs of your business struggling will include

Losing customers

Running out of cash

Increasing debt to suppliers and some threatening legal action

Not paying HMRC on time

Your bank asking for more management information


Before it gets there, having an independent review can identify issues and steps can be put in place to resolve them


Sometimes these can be simple such as changing a process, putting in place better cashflow management, seeing if customers will pay a slightly higher price for your product.


They needn’t cost a lot of money either and could help you save your business


At Harrisons Business Rescue, we have years of experience across a wide range of businesses and sectors, of helping business solve their problems

We also work with experts in their filed to help deliver those solutions if that is needed.


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